Adhikaar is an advocacy and activist organisation that works for securing equal citizenship rights for all LGBT persons. Based in New Delhi, India, it works in direct partnership with 13 grassroots LGBT community organisations from different parts of the country and it is open to issue based collaboration and cooperation with any LGBT organisation whose aims are not opposed to the mission of Adhikaar which is given below:

Adhikaar shall strive to ensure for all sexual minorities, irrespective of their sexuality, sexual orientation, gender identity, self identification, or self perception:

A] The protection and promotion of their human rights and human dignity.

B] Their freedom from discrimination, stigma, and violence.

C] Their civil, political, social, and constitutional rights as equal citizens of India.

D] Their right to a healthy life and freedom from infections like HIV and STIs.

E] Their sense of solidarity with all other struggles for human rights of any disadvantaged or deprived segment of the population including other sexually marginalised populations.

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